Sinkhole the size of four football fields devours huge swathe of Ohio in MINUTES… and it’s getting bigger

  • Sinkhole was likely caused by company dredging sand in 50 feet deep
  • Transportation officials expect road to be out for months
  • Bridge may be built to cross the area

A rapidly expanding sinkhole in Ohio was so monstrous that it took just minutes to swallow four football fields worth of land and part of a state highway.

Authorities say the sinkhole began with the collapse of a pond near State Highway 516.

The pond and land belong to the Newton Asphalt Company which has been dredging for sand at depths of 50 feet.


‘I’ve worked for the [Ohio Department of Transportation District] 16 years and I’ve never seen anything of this magnitude,’ District 11 Director Lloyd McAdam told First Coast News.

‘It’s very unusual that something like this would happen.’



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