Six “next best” self-defense alternatives to handguns

From Debt Reckoning:

With tighter gun laws on the horizon, the days of applying for a concealed-carry permit and freely carrying a gun on our person may be coming to an end. For some, depending on their location, or their personal preferences, carrying a gun is not feasible. Either way, it is important to consider a few alternative products for self defense.

All of the items listed below may be found online or purchased at a sporting goods/outdoor store. For those who do carry a gun with a permit, you may find a number of these alternatives would be good to have for a situation that did not warrant a lethal response.

For instance, I carry a Surefire flashlight with me just about everywhere I go. Flashlights may be carried into movie theaters (where they would be particularly helpful in an emergency situation), airplanes, and schools.

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1. Surefire 500 Lumen Tactical Flashlight. This is a great alternative to carrying a weapon, particularly if you are planning to be out and about after dark, or in a dark, indoor setting. The 500 lumens are enough to temporarily blind an assailant, providing you a few precious seconds to escape.

Note: Be sure to purchase a model with the feature you need most. Some models offer a two-stage light which comes on at low power on first click and requires a second click to reach the full 500 lumen capacity. If you are using exclusively for self defense, go with…

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