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Tesla technology making changes in the surface of the planet? How many countries did Tesla give his weather machine to? Do your research! Changing the weather and creating anything is possible and those who rule the sky, are the ones that are blocking the sun and killing the planet.

No sun = no food = no life!

Fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones in the past years continue to be reported as geoengineering. Weather warfare the new way to demolish, evacuate, and eliminate. Death = wealth for a new world order. Slide photos show that Ventura fires look suspicious when you look at the the mobile home park where trailers were left completely untouched while everything around it is burned?…/667774946

Jim Stone: These Fires Are No Accident…


The California wild fires are currently at 80,000 acres and zero percent contained

They have not been contained because someone keeps starting new ones. Due to the fact that it is predominantly homes of top criminals and Clinton supporters burning, some people are speculating that the fires were set to provide a reason for certain people to vanish off to new locations and destroy evidence now that all hell is breaking loose in DC. Make of that what you will, I’d say that is tenuously plausible but not highly plausible.

Here is what is HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE:

It is predominantly upper class Jewish areas burning. It is therefore highly plausible that this is happening because people are pissed about the U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem, and they are taking it out on American Jewry. That would leave some explaining for how the cars are melting, but there could be something to this theory.

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Bel Air is on fire

The media is not reporting this, but countless fires have been set by arsonists in the L.A. area. If the media is not giving a hint as to who, it is probably either politically motivated or advanced weapons systems. Take your pick, it is certain with this many that it is not cigarette butts and hot mufflers. Witnesses in the area have also stated the fires are not near any homeless encampments so it is not the homeless doing this. This morning, someone started a fire that swept into the Bel Air neighborhood at around 9 AM and subsequently burned (and is still burning) multi million dollar mansions. Bel Air has been evacuated and may be wiped out. The fires currently happening in Los Angeles are not legitimate wildfires, many are speculating they are for agenda 21 type reasons.

At this point, it would probably be a good idea for anyone near the woods in LA to pack all the most important valuables, there may not be a fire near your home right now, but with them being intentionally set that could change in minutes.

From a reader:

“What is the first thing I see??? A REPORTER SHOWING A TOASTED CAR WITH FLOWING MOLTEN METAL COMING OUT OF IT. They must have updated the laws of physics, because the last time I checked, Aluminum melts at 1, 220F, Steel at 2, 500F, and wood burns at 700-1, 100F based on how much air exposure it has. So either the woods of California have turned into a blow-furnace with consistent 200 mph winds, or something is seriously amiss.”

My comment: I have seen camp fires burn hot enough to melt thin aluminum cans, but…read=89106

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