Snowden: ‘No Telephone In America Makes Call Without Leaving Record With NSA’, Urges Americans To Protest. BRICS Countries Build New Internet to Avoid Spying

Snowden: ‘No telephone in America makes call without leaving record with NSA’

National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday disputed Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) claim that the government’s phone record collection program is not “surveillance.”

“Today, no telephone in America makes a call without leaving a record with the NSA. Today, no Internet transaction enters or leaves America without passing through the NSA’s hands,” Snowden said in a statement Thursday. 

“Our representatives in Congress tell us this is not surveillance. They’re wrong.”

Snowden didn’t mention Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, by name, but she has said repeatedly that the NSA’s program to collect records on all U.S. phone calls is not a surveillance program.
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Urges Americans to protest

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Surveillance whistle-blower: ‘Join us in sending the message: Stop Watching Us’

Former NSA Director Overheard Bashing Obama Admin

Note to reporters with some gumption: Ride the Acela, you’ll get scoops.

Note to highly recognizable, but private, former government officials: Avoid the Acela.

Thursday afternoon, Tom Matzzie, a clean-energy entrepreneur (per LinkedIn), and sometime Huffington Post blogger sat behind former CIA and NSA director Michael Hayden. The spy was talking to a journalist, who remains unknown, and requested anonymity as he supposedly bashed the Obama administration—which, even for the onetime head of the world’s most cloistered agency, is a lot easier to do behind the moniker “Former Senior Administration Official.”

Merkel floats EU-US privacy pact as anger mounts over spying

Germany, France unite in anger

BRICS Countries Build New Internet to Avoid Spying

BRICS countries are close to completing a brand new Internet backbone that would bypass the United States entirely and thereby protect both governments and citizens from NSA spying.


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  • Maggie

    nsa will find a way to get in… and once in, it will be business as usual because they are reprobates beyond a lick of common decency or sense. they should remember how to play nice in the sandbox rather than trying to control everything to their favor.

  • ddearborn

    What is truly terrifying and almost never mentioned is that fact that every single one of those phone calls is recorded by Israel. Think of the power that gives a foreign power over America. It is 2 Israeli companies that interface between the raw data and all US intel agencies. Israel gets first access to all this data. That means that they can edit it, manipulate it, withhold it or even delete it. With these capabilities it is no wonder that the entire US Federal government acts as is they work for Israel first and America second. It is no wonder that they have literally bankrupted the nation fighting phony wars on terror so Israel can gain effective control over the Middle East. Treason is the by word in the halls of Congress. And the specter of Israeli
    retaliation for failing to toe the line haunts every member of Congress. Is it a wonder than that more than half of the ENTIRE US CONGRESS is required to make annual pilgrimage’s to Israel. People there is really only one significant terrorist threat to America in the world today ISRAEL! Wake UP!!!!!!!!
    Feinstein is a dual citizen Israeli people. Take a long hard look at the number of trips (on the US payer dime bye the way) she has made since coming into office. Then compare that to any other country in the world. Also take a long hard look at how she got into office. Her “opponent” had an accident of sorts. Then take another long look at her husband. You would be hard pressed to find a more foul and evil pair crooks. Look at their “business” dealings” Look at the way she has pimped and whored for Israel from day one. She should be in GITMO for treason.

  • walte

    I can’t imagine the horrid fate of our country when they find out what I asked my wife on the phone what was for dinner! Oh the humanity of it all!

  • FX ofTruth

    Dianne Feinstein looks like an bitchy old school principal. That 50’s hairdo, the old smell attitude, and the constant and annoying repremanding like she’s talking to a bunch of sixth graders….shut up you old douche bag! We don’t believe you. Maybe the “brainiacs” that voted you in every election believe you but, real thinking and intelligent Americans know that ANYTHING you spew out are lie’s covered in non-truths with a foundation of bribery and pay-offs. So, you’re peg baby!

  • Badger Badgerism

    we need a revolution in america….job 1 would be dragging the nsa thugs into the streets

    • Nuhkija

      1 would be WH occupant – for the show, 2. AIPAC/ADL and then the Hill.

      Rest will fall like dominoes.

  • Badger Badgerism

    i say we nuke israel

  • Eileen Kuch

    Feinstein, like all other Israel-Firsters in Congress, is a serial liar. She has lied about gun control, immigration policies; and, of course, about NSA surveillance of all US citizens (whether at home or abroad), as well as citizens and governments of allied countries. She and her kind deserve pink slips with two words printed on them in very large letters: YOU’RE FIRED.

  • guiltfree German

    Amerika … ISRAEL’S BITCH since 1948

    • Nuhkija

      Correction – from 1913…

  • Jon Ripley

    I guess the NSA personnel can use the (insider) information to manipulate the stock market, among other markets.

  • wally58

    Fiendstein is the BEST LOOKING corpse I’ve ever seen. How long has she been dead, anyway?

  • adaminoregon

    How long do the BRICS countries think it will take for the NSA to tap the new internet they are building? A week maybe?