So greedy Walmart destroyed Ma and Pa businesses nationwide. Greedy Amazon destroyed online businesses nationwide. WTF do we do now?

by LightBringerFlex


To top it all off, one look out the window and anyone can see endless nationwide corporations planted all over the place taking up valuable real estate where Ma and Pa shops used to be.

Some examples are McDonald’s, Burger King, Best Buy, Taco Bell, Verizon, etc..

What a fucking joke. They took all of the business from the 99% and gave it to the 1%. Then they wonder why the top 20 richest people have more wealth than half of the world’s population. The people who don’t need the money are scrambling to take over all the Ma and Pa businesses without a care in the world.

Then dumb asses like Bush say that these Big Businesses need more money so they can hire the Ma and Pa shop employees who are now broke and need a job. So he, and others, lower taxes on these filthy rich claiming the trickle down effect will solve all of our problems while knowing damn well that it will increase the income gap.

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Then they (i.e. Obama) spend our tax dollars on shit like funding ISIS and paying Rothschild for so graciously printing our money and lending it to us at high interest rates. Hell, we are barely covering the interest rate on Rothschilds Federal Reserve bills. All those tax dollars are going to the people who don’t even need it like Rothschild and billionaire arms manufacturers.

These same people consider themselves to be above the law and so they do every vile thing imaginable (pedophelia, cannabalism, human sacrifices, organ harvesting, prostitution, etc..).

When we complain, they tell us to write our congressmen and everything will be OK knowing damn well the Congressmen don’t give a shit about our letters. They probabaly don’t even read them personally.

Most of the US government is guilty of treason and sabotage.


Start making your own stuff, and trade with other people.

And please stop eating fast food.




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