SOCIAL MEDIA INSIGHTS: Is It Time For Companies To Cut Back On Social Media?

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It’s Time To Cut Back On Social Media (Harvard Business Review)
It has become increasingly clear that with the proliferation of new platforms, no person or company can become the master of them all. Nor should they. The harder decision is figuring out which ones you should prioritize, and which ones you should scrap. Establishing ROI has always been the holy grail of social media. We may still have a ways to go before we can quantify its objective, dollars-and-cents impact. But even anecdotally, you probably have some good operating theories. For instance, if you target women, Pinterest is a great bet; if it’s males, Google+ is currently their stomping ground. And blogging is the best way to demonstrate true content mastery and thought leadership. It’s all about pruning and focusing on the platforms that have the most impact.

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What Are Your Employees Saying On Social Media? (Social Media Today)
There have been numerous cases of employees commenting on undesirable workplace culture. Professionals understand that there are limitations, but they are also tempted by the freedom of social media. If companies truly wish to make social media work for them, they’ve got to start internally, and educate employees on what their role should be in building credibility and enforcing guidelines of what people outside the company should know, and what should be kept locked inside the office’s shining treasure chest of organizational secrets.

Google+ Overtakes Twitter, Heads For Facebook (Trendstream via Forbes)
U.K. market research firm Trendstream updated its Global Web Index this week, showing that Google+ is now the second-largest social network in terms of active users. YouTube, included for the first time in the index, is now third. The report estimates Facebook‘s active users in December 2012 at 693 million, compared to 343 million for Google+.

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