Solutions to solve the Fiscal Cliff and decrease national debt! ((Also post your own suggestions here))

As we all know here in the US there are a lot if changes that could happen December 31 due to the agreement president Obama made to raise the debt ceiling. This could be catastrophic and weaken our already fragile economy. Debt can be reduced if the best decisions are made to stimulate the economy and promote spending and money making by Anericans whole decreasing spending and dollar wasting by the government.

So here are a few suggestions that I have and I’d like to know what other suggestions you have. If you recommend something, please explain why you think it would work.

Please, please, please withhold disparaging remarks as I only want solutions to problems.

1 – they have continually threatened to raise taxes on the rich. I understand why they think that would work, but why punish those people that have worked hard to become successful and provided jobs and opportunities for others to make living. I do think the buffet rule is good to a certain degree but I don’t think $250,000 is the number as that isn’t a lot of money. Think of the NBA luxury tax. They are on the right page. I think that 1.5 million and up should be the ones that have an increase tax rate. Not $250,000. That affects small businesses that want to continually grow their business too much.

2 – just like the FDIC increases insurance to people that put their money in banks and protected banks and allowed them to gain more dollars to grow their investments while keeping minimums of financial assets to safe hairs those funds, we need similar bank incentives that will promote taking more risks on small business that will help them grow their business. Small business and owner’s credit scores have been hit and banks don’t understand that. So policies should change there and the government can do things to help with that.

3 – if an increase in taxes on the wealthy is going to happen, why not just place increased taxes on luxury things. i.e. high end cars, third plus homes, yachts, anything that the “rich and famous” would purchase so to speak. It won’t stop them from purchasing them be ause no matter the price, they will still get them. It’s not a matter of money at this point.

4 – tax the HELL on pornagraphy. Sorry folks but its evil and you know it. The porn industry is a multi billion dollar industry and is the scum of the earth. Whether the tax comes to users and/or owners and actors, so be it.

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5 – guess what? No matter how many laws or border patrol agents or whatever is out there to control illegal immigrants, we will still have them here. Essentially everyone here is here because of an illegal immigrant as described in the law books. Think pilgrims and Indians. This country was saved by God to be the land of promise where all could come and enjoy the blessings that come by being a God fearing nation. Religion is not my point but if you know the Constitution and read about what our founding fathers went through, then you know what I’m talking about. What I am getting at though is we have jobs here that many will not do. Many are done but what many perceive as illegal immigrants. We yell and shout and despise them, yet we won’t do those jobs. We cast stones at them, yet we don’t understand what it does to our economy. So what shoułd happen ate helping them get citizenship through working permits first, while appreciating their hard labor. Then taxing them like everyone else to ensure those dollars stay In the US economy instead of it going to other countries via western union or whatever. Like I said, “this land is your land, this land is my land.” We are all immigrants to a certain degree. We should hate on our neighbors but find solutions to keep dollars here. Bevause guess what? They are going to be here working regardless. Whether you or we like it or not.

6 – require people to have a savings account. Not necessarily force them, but incentivize them. Self explanatory here

7 – put tighter regulations on non profit organizations. Does it really make sense when a non profit organization has a greater than 25% overhead? Weird that my father in law’s neighbor, who is the head of one, lives in a very expensive home and that is all she does. Husband is a fireman.

8 – what is up with the farming situation from the 20’s. I hear that the government still pays subsidies to owners with farming land to motivate them NOT to farm. Really? Wasted dollars there.

9 – China. We have made them the most powerful nation in the world. Anyone else understand why this is bad? Especially when there BFFs are Russia, North Kore and probably Iran?

10 – people we need to be proud to work and pay our taxes. We cannot be a lazy nation. I understand we have government programs to help the needy and those that can’t work, but so many are taking advantage of it. It may not be you so don’t get offended, but our nation was one a powerful one. Not just financially, but with military and innovation. We all need to work and create jobs. Not take advantage of the system. We can’t allow coat tail hangers to just ride the train of our financial collapse and longer. It is killing us. We need to motivate others to work and find purpose. We need to help others gain confidence in themselves. We do mot need druggies on welfare. Drug test all on welfare if needed but save those dollars for this’d that truly need it or are in a temporary financial bind and temporary unemployment.

I will have more thoughts I am sure. But what else is out there that could help the US. Those in other countries wanting to post, please do it in a solution oriented way. Thank you!!!


– Anonymous


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