Spain braces for ‘coldest summer in 200 years’

France’s main weather channel has announced that there is a 70 percent chance of this summer being cold and wet across Spain, France, Portugal, Germany and Austria.
June and July are only likely to have short periods of summer heat which will in turn bring heavy storms in August.


Flag as inappropriateThere’s a Little Ice Age on the way. When it sets hold, we’ll all be praying for global warming.

Old Goat
Flag as inappropriateI suspect yopu’ll find we’re a little further on than that – the end of
the Holocene merely fanfares the start of the next glacial. The current
sunspot situation rather reflects the Dalton minimum, don’t you think?
It’s cooling – NOW.

Heber Rizzo
We are living the end period of an interglacial, which is just another short warm period of an ice age… which has lasted for at least three million years.

Weather from May 24 2012 vs May 24 2013 (and this reflect the wohle May 2013 temperatures) :

EU Requires Spain to Raise Vat

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The last thing a country in recession should do is raise taxes. Well, Spain is in a depression, not a recession yet the EU requires Spain to raise the VAT and lower pension benefits within a year.

 One year. That is the time that the government has to undertake major reforms. The European Commission has published today the document with recommendations to the European Council on the National Reform Plan. Includes advice on pensions, taxes, government spending, administrative reform, etc.. There is virtually nothing that Brussels (and the governments of EU members) does not create the need to change, accelerate or deepen.

On Wednesday Brussels gave Spain more time to reach a budget deficit of 3%, but warns that to achieve this, it is still necessary to continue with the fiscal effort.

Brussels calls for “a systematic review of the tax system by March 2014.” Normally, these words have meant raising taxes on consumption (VAT or special) to relax the pressure on other that penalize wealth creation, such as income tax or social contributions. But in the current document there are only requests to raise taxes.




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