SPAIN’s Terror alert: Major drill taking part on country after 3 terrorist alerts/ 9 YEARS AFTER MADRID TRAIN BOMBINGS

11th March 2004, just 911 days after 9/11 attacks on New York/Washington; Madrid is hit by several explosions in Commuter trains. 

191 people were killed, and 1,858 people were injured in the biggest terror attack on Spanish history.

Al Qaeda was blamed for the attack.

Today, 9 years after this terror attack, Spain is suffering an economic upheaval. Nearly 6 years in a deep reccesion(economic depresion?) and a massive unemployment rate ( 27% -6 million are unemployed out of a 20 million workforce; 300,000 young spaniards have emigrated during these last years), the country is in the verge of a massive uprising if these figures does not improve.

The MSM has tried to downgrade the different demonstrations that have occured in the country during these last months. But the anger is building against the elite…

Even firemen are angry with the government&police and some of them have stopped police attacks against citizens

Also, during the last month, several strange events have appeared in the news:

1. A month ago, a bomb was defused in the Almudena Cathedral. It was blamed on anarchists, but the group is totally unknown for everyone.

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2. Some days, a blast occured in the same hospital where King Juan Carlos of Spain was being treated(He is suffering different health problems). The government claimed it was an accident. But nobody actually trust them.

Blast, Blaze in Hospital Where Spanish King is Undergoing Treatment
3. Today, a “fake bomb” has been exploded by the TEDAX in a Civil Court after a man throw it in a suitcase from his motorbike.

And during these days a massive drill is occurring in Spain It simulates a flooding catastrophe along a bacteriological&radiological disaster, involving thousands of casualties.

A lot of people in Spain are reporting unusually high police/military activity during the last weeks, and we are wondering what could be going on behind the curtains… But we are sure it’s not pretty…



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