Spanish teacher suspended after she ‘forces students to show her their Facebook pages – and bans them from school trip if they insulted her’

A Spanish teacher has been suspended for gaining access to student’s Facebook pages by forcing them to log in on her phone to see if they were bad mouthing her.

Angelica Cruikshank faces getting fired after she allegedly checked the private accounts and then banned several teens, who made negative comments about her, from a school trip to a museum.

The 33-year-old is also accused of using a projector to show one of the student’s Facebook pages to a class.

Mrs Cruikshank, who has been a teacher at Land O’Lakes High School in Pasco, Florida  for three years, has requested a formal hearing and hired a lawyer in a bid to keep her job. 

In a termination later superintendent Heather Fiorentino described the incident that followed Cruikshank learning some students had made negative remarks about her on a Facebook page she could not access.

‘This situation is very troubling to me,’ superintendent Fiorentino wrote, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

You seem unaware of student privacy concerns and used extremely poor judgment in taking the steps you took to address these concerns.’

Cruikshank reportedly called a student to the front of the classroom on January 30 and told her to sign into her Facebook account on the teacher’s personal phone.

The district investigator learned that Cruikshank gave a small group of students a list with everyone’s name on it and red marks next to those suspected of making comments.

She asked them to review Facebook accounts and write ‘ok’ next to those who did not write anything negative.

‘Other students reported they were told in front of the class that they were not going on the class trip because of posting comments on Facebook,’ Fiorentino wrote, according to the Times.

Students who were suspected of making comments about the teacher did not receive permission slips for the trip when all the other students did.

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