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The beleaguered government of Mariano Rajoy has been embarrassed by revelations that its party’s former treasurer had a bank account in Switzerland containing up to €22 million.….html

That is the first news. High-level corruption in a country with a 26% unemployment rate in the government party, in a country that is breaking apart, totally bankrupted.

But with today news(from a newspaper who is usually pro-government, right wing, but which usually makes very good investigative journalism), everything changes. The elite, high-level members of the party have been paid enormous amount of money “under the table” during years. The same who have been raising the taxes to bankrupted Spaniards during this year, have not paid any single penny.

Demonstrations are scheduled this afternoon everywhere in Spain. I suggest you to watch Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and other spanish big cities, because some serious shit could happen this afternoon (7.00 pm). I hope everything stays as calm as possible, but I have a very very bad feeling. You knew it here hours before than in the MSM.



This case comes amid a flurry of corruption scandals in Spain. This week, Ignacio González, the PP’s head of the Madrid local government, has come under scrutiny after an investigation into his purchase of a luxury apartment in Marbella. Spain’s anti-corruption office is also preparing to take to court 13 people accused of involvement in a kickbacks network on the Mediterranean coast linked to the PP.

Meanwhile, the royal family has also been hurt by corruption allegations. King Juan Carlos’s son-in-law, Iñaki Urdangarin, faces trial for embezzling millions from a charity that he used to head.

ABC newspaper recently reported that more than 300 Spanish politicians were implicated in corruption scandals, with most of the main political parties affected. Mediterranean regions such as Valencia and the Balearic Islands are the worst offenders. Spain is 30th on Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index, alongside Botswana.

Of the recent avalanche of corruption cases, the Bárcenas affair is potentially the most damaging for the PP and the central government, because it directly implicates the party’s national leadership.….html