SPREAD THIS: List of 31 Senators Demanding Foreign Workers Take Over American Jobs

SPREAD THIS: List of 31 Senators Demanding Foreign Workers Take Over American Jobs


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  • Oddizee

    Recall them. They took money for this. I’m sure their culprits in other schemes.

  • amuncat

    31 Senators out of 50?!!! You gotta be kidding me!! This is insurrection! More than half of our US Senators want to have imported workers over Americans?!!!

  • Nod Nostrebor

    Yes, Maine Senator Susan Collins. WTF?

    • Jamison

      THAT surprises you??? Really???

  • yaridanjo

    Here in California, our state government provides tax payer subsidized illegal aliens to do those low paying jobs. That money should have gone to state infrastructure repair, instead we now have the Oroville dam fiasco.

  • tom d

    H1b visa is almost 50 years old & it usually allows the h1b worker to bring over a spouse & children. All are allowed to work so one h1b can cause many job loses for USA workers. Many consulting companies exist to get an h1-b worker into the country then job that same “needed” worker to any company looking to dump an expensive American worker

    • Lou

      Yes I was involved in the 1990s. Here is how it worked. At the time an American computer engineer was billed at about 100 dollars/hour; the American received about 50 dollars/hour. Firms in India would supply an Indian for about 70 dollars an hour. The Indian engineer was paid about 10 dollars/hour and got to live in a house with 10 or so other Indian engineers as part of his pay.

      Just like our “health care system” all the workers are getting screwed and the MIDDLE MEN rich.

  • Faris Mee

    Did NOT “We the people” import the Latinos into amerika in the first place to clean toilets and scrub floors and other menial tasks that “We the people” consider beneath them?

    • Lou

      Nope in the late 1950s a group of California US workers threatened to strike if they were not paid another 35 cents for picking a 200 pound box of apples. Screw you said the growers we will bring in some wetbacks.

      Thus started the Chamber of Commence movement to bring in 30 – 50 million cheap, mostly illegal, workers. We now have 94 million Americans in the prime working years WITHOUT a job. Since 2000 50% of all new hires were born OUTSIDE of this country.

      The ONLY reason this can go on is Uncle Sugar Transfers some 2 Trillion/year from those paying taxes to those receiving ONE HALF of the government budget. Soon this 2 Trillion, at least in large part IMO, will not be available.

      This does not end well folks and it is ENDING SOON.