Starbucks Used ‘Toilet Water’ To Brew Coffee In Hong Kong: Report

“Starbucks’ head honchos in Hong Kong may have some explaining to do.

After photos of a “Starbucks Only” water spout in a bathroom emerged on the web, many customers questioned whether Starbucks is using “toilet water” to brew its coffee.

The series of photos, reportedly taken at the chain’s Bank of China Tower location, appear to show a man retrieving water from a spout in a men’s bathroom a few feet away from a urinal and then using a container on a cart to transport it to the coffee shop.

Hong Kong-based tabloid Apple Daily first published images of the questionable practice along with a report stating that Starbucks staff fetch water from the public restroom in the building’s parking garage several times every day and use it to brew coffee.

The publication, which sent reporters to investigate after receiving a tip, noted that employees filter the water before brewing. It is believed that the practice has been occurring since the Starbucks first opened in 2011.”