Starvation Strike: Indian Chief Spence’s reserve got $85 MILLION in 2011 for 1500 people, for 300 houses that’s $280,000.00 per house

Tell me again why she is demanding more!!!!!

The Aboriginal leaders are the Aboriginal people’s worst enemy… that is something they need to clean up before they ask for more… If funds were properly devided, as the funds should be… there would be no problem with housing or schools or reserve roads.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a reporter actually report the truth about an aboriginal issue. Too bad there aren’t more REAL REPORTERS.

Here’s a part of what Sun News reported yesterday.

Spence is a master media manipulator; she knew better than to do her dieting stunt up in Attawapiskat, where it hit -33 C this week, and was accessible only by airplane. She flew to Ottawa and pitched a teepee for the benefit of the bored Parliamentary Press Gallery. She also stayed in a hotel, but that was never shown on camera — it contradicted the narrative of a chief willing to make every sacrifice for her people.-SNIP

Do the math: The Attawapiskat band received $34 million in 2011. And the local diamond mine spent $51 million in town. That’s $85 million, for 300 families. That’s $280,000 per family. Tax free. So how come so many in Attawapiskat live in leaky, cold shacks? Not the chief of course; she has a sturdy, well-heated house and drives an Escalade. Her boyfriend is the band manager — his contract is for $850 a day, plus expenses. Why does the band have $8.9 million in the stock market, in shares like Google and Pepsi and Exxon, but not enough money to fix some leaks? Why are there 21 politicians on the payroll of a tiny town? Why did Spence once bill the town $8,000 a month to manage the daycare?

Those are questions reporters might ask white politicians. But lucky for Spence, she’s Indian, so they don’t.


CBC News made headlines on Monday by publicizing a scathing audit report on Attawapiskat, the impoverished northern Ontario Cree community led by hunger-striking chief Theresa Spence.

Yet you’ll find an even more searing indictment of Attawapiskat’s leadership in a televised report from the CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault. That segment is a year old, but it’s getting a new life on the internet thanks to a Twitter-based resurrection campaign led by blogger Richard Klagsbrun.