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State Dept. “Missing” $6 Billion Under Secretary Hillary Clinton

(Truthstream Media.com) The latest news in government fraud and waste points to an odd if not suspicious lapse of five years of the Obama Administration’s State Department during which there was no Inspector General overseeing official expenditures and during which more than $6 billion went unaccounted for. The entire time that Hillary Clinton — one of the most scandal-ridden and allegedly corrupt figures of recent American memory — was Secretary of State, the State Department had no Inspector General. It was not until more than six months after John Kerry took the post that Steve A. Linick took the job, and here’s what he’s turned up so far…

$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department

Pentagon Can’t Track $2.3 Trillion: Remarks as Delivered by Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, The Pentagon , Monday, September 10, 2001

Steve A. Linick – Inspector General Term of Appointment (09/30/2013 to present)

Everyone knows about the Pentagon’s gold toilet seats…

POGO’s Federal Contractor Misconduct Database (FCMD)

D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton

Clinton camp caught up in campaign corruption allegations

Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate committee for fraud, ethics violations

The Clinton Family’s Whitewater controversy

Hillary Rodham cattle futures controversy

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  • farang

    State Dept. is CIA. That is a given for any serious observer. Diplomatic cover, not “diplomacy” past that. Kerry-Cohen is a traitor and foreign agent.
    Hillary has $6 billion “go missing” while Paul Craig Roberts states that the US State Dept. spent $5 billion overthrowing the elected government of Ukraine. Gee. Do the math.

    I would *theorize* that those private US Mercenaries guarding the Zionist regime cost a pretty penny, but will soon be hung or will be high-tailing it out before they are. Yat’s will be seeking refuge in US.

    Isn’t that wonderful, America? Our government pursues Truth-tellers into seeking asylum from their aggression in Russia. While we get that Rat Yat, the Zionist POS. Watch and see.

    Hillary thought we wouldn’t notice: that isn’t fat: she’s that puffed up full of Zionist hubris. Thinks the CIA promised her ‘next time” (during the campaign for Democratic candidate,you could see it in her ugly mug the day she was *told* Obama was the Chosen One this time.)

    But she is never going to EVER BE PRESIDENT. Even the CIA can’t put enough lipstick on that Zionist Pig.

  • Lyin Ryin More

    Wow does the Clinton portfolio get bigger. So the drug money from Colombia and Arkansas, then after being promoted to POTUS, they steal all the money out of Fort Knox, and what is left, is riddled with Tungsten, not full bars of gold. So, the Clinton Criminal Gang , just stole more, Imagine my lack of shock.