State Dept. Spox Can’t Answer China Question, Gets Laughed at by Reporter

“We will not agree with that assessment” is the standard response pretty much to everything Trump says. Is anyone even surprised?


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  • Occams

    When I saw the headline, I KNEW it would be this fucking tool. What a fucking idiot. How apropos he ‘represents’ the White House.

    Morons. Can’t WAIT until all these dipshits are gone.

    • tavistock

      KIRBY DID IT !!!!

      • Occams

        Naw. Best alibi in the world; Too fucking stupid.

        • tavistock

          Just a saying at my work. If someone f-cks up we say “Kirby did it”, been doing it for a few years now and I was digging on the coincidence.
          You have to know Kirby.

          • Occams

            lol….Sadly, I DO know ‘Kirby’. Too many of them out there…..

  • tavistock

    This clown is the epitome of the OJackass administration.

  • Joe Blow

    It is hard to lie and find the right politically correct response and look down at the podium and not pee in my pants at the same time. ????

  • Sink Chicken

    Any one notice that North Korea has nuclear weapons and has not been invaded?

    • Glenn Festog

      Anyone notice that Israel has nuclear weapons, Yet, as a non-signatory to the Non-Nuclear proliferation treaty, we (USA) illegally continue to send them funds. You know, like the 38 billion currently being provided to them. As opposed to, oh, putting every single homeless person in OUR country in an actual home.

      Stop funding criminals.