State Firearms Freedom Acts


As many here are aware, a number of states (33) introduced or passed 10th Amendment affirmation acts, as well as firearms “freedom acts” in 2009 or thereabouts when everyone began to recognize the tyranny so blatantly in our faces today. The mainstream media tried to pass all of this off as inconsequential, and meaningless (as they do on everything of importance these days); however, under the Constitution, these laws are extremely MEANINGFUL and IMPORTANT given our current situation.

That said, and assuming our traitors in Washington somehow manage to pass the illegal legislation they want to shove down our throats (and it somehow miraculously passes the SCOTUS smell test – which it might), I believe it very important for all of us to be approaching our STATE representatives and local law enforcement (particularly the Sheriff) to ensure that they REMEMBER the legislation they passed into law (or introduced) so recently – and ask what they intend to do to ENSURE that our rights remain in tact should our corrupt federal corporation (the former US) decide to get slap happy with their wet dream of disarming everyone.

I would also suggest to those of you fortunate to be in one of the few states that actually passed this legislation into law begin to look into your local gun and ammunition manufacturers…They’ll love you, and you them if what I think might happen, happens.


– SaveUSa