State of California school system gets rid of books

According to vocabulary tests, Californian fourth grade and eighth grade students are almost at the bottom of the list, excepting just a very few other states; and this, despite heavy injections of vast sums of money.

So they found a solution !

“The test, known as the Nation’s Report Card, also showed that California is doing worse than states spending less on education.

So much for lack of money being a problem.

Then there was the school-board meeting I attended where there was a complete computer presentation of a new method of teaching that is now being implemented in the schools.

I had no idea what they were talking about.

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They explained classes would be reconfigured, curriculum content was being revised, teachers are being retrained on how to teach and what to teach, how every student would have a laptop, books were to be virtually phased out – but some new books would be created for this whole new education system.

We were told it would take a couple of years to get everything in place, but by the time that happens, it would be in every school and every grade in California.”

So books and outdated teaching methods are being blamed.

Are they sure a certain change of mentality in pupils and parents didn’t play a part in it ?

And pres. Obama, according to the article, seems to be mighty proud of this “accomplishment.”


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