Steve Wynn LEAKS That Vegas Shooter had Access to SERVICE ELEVATOR at Mandalay Bay?

Today during a Fox News Sunday interview, Steve Wynn said that at his resort, Steven Paddock would not have had access to a service elevator or the “back of the house” unattended.

This took Chris Wallace by surprise, who interrupted Steve to ask if Paddock used a service elevator at Mandalay Bay.

Wynn corrected himself and said he “really did not know”.


Here in Las Vegas, they share information to prevent things like this from happening, as well as prevent cheating and the like.

See the video, SKIP TO 07:09 FOR THE SLIP UP

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we need to discuss the facts that the casino owners know whats happening and what did happen… because it is on them and their business is at stake not to let this happen again

This week in vegas we saw strange white fords with antennas everywhere, unmarked without “EX” plates, but still the antennas and fords.

The people coming in and out were armed. Well armed, young, and not imposing looking but just overall a “dont fuck with me” vibe.

They are agents of something, and they were in our small hotel that is not owned by a mega corporation.



h/t TheMadCanadian

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