• Bonnie

    I hardly think “Argentina is being belligerent towards the rest of the world!”

    Where, in your twisted perception, do you see this?

    Is this the perception of the Govs, the Banksters/ World Bank?

    The people of the World, have no complain against Argentina, it’s ONLY the perception of the Controllers.

    In case you haven’t figurd out, there are two levels in any Western Country, THE People and then, there’s the Government.

    But, apparently, the greedy Banksters, are determined to do “collective punishment” in the matter.

  • Bonnie

    By the way, those who still don’t think Argentina’s government is acting like thugs toward foreigners, just read this story from the Mail.”

    Ah, you must mean, “thugs” against FOREIGN BANKS! I see!

    Because the Argentinian Fed, doesn’t let the Banksters do what they want, said banksters, have decided to call them “thugs.”

    How many times, have the International Banksters been THUGS towards the “Common” People in the U.S. and elsewhere? Acting without mercy or compassion!


  • Elon Lord of

    Just ask iran for the monies, im sure they will help, hehe

  • Pardon

    Oh I see… Those people making 250k or 249k must REALLY be suffering right now. This whole system is just a joke. Ive been on strike for the past 4 years and will continue. Look at this, its ridiculous. Our government cant operate taking in 2.5 trillion dollars a year in tax money. How much more of a failure can you be?

    Enough of the pensions, Im not working to fund someone to sit on their butt. So I will sit on my butt until its changed. If it doesnt change, I dont work.

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