STOCKS SUMMER SLIDE: DOW -300 Points, Government Bonds Are Selling Off Around The World! Gold And Silver Markets COLLAPSE! Stock Market Crash IMMINENT!!!

The entire global financial markets are selling off sharply today.

U.S. stock markets are getting slammed early in the trading session. The Dow and the S&P 500 are down by over 1.5%.  This follows major sell-offs in Europe and Asia earlier today, and it extends yesterday’s U.S. market sell-off.

Treasury rates are rallying, which means U.S. bonds are getting slammed too. The 10-year yield is at 2.40%, up 5 basis points from yesterday’s close.  It was as high as 2.47% earlier today.

In fact government bonds are selling off around the world:

  • French 10-year yields are up 12 basis points to 2.22%
  • German 10-year yields are up 9 basis points to 1.65%
  • Swiss 10-year yields are up 18 basis points to 0.90%
  • Swedish 10-year yields are up 14 basis points to 2.13%
  • Indonesian 10-year yields are up 56 basis points to 4.76%
  • Russian 10-year yields are up 46 basis points to 4.14%
  • Turkish 10-year yields are up 46 basis points to 4.60%
  • Mexican 10-year yields are up 17 basis points to 3.76%
  • Brazilian 10-year yields are up 14 basis points to 4.11%

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Bernanke Smackdown: We Were Prepared, If You Were Not, Too Bad

SocGen’s Haigh Sees Gold Lower After Calling Rout

Societe Generale SA’s Michael Haigh correctly predicted this year’s rout in gold by using a math problem to measure a feeling. His arithmetic says there’s worse to come. 

Societe Generale’s Haigh expects prices to average $1,150 in 2014.



Leading indicator breaks down… perfect portfolio storm nearing?


One of the better global leading indicators has created a bearish descending triangle over the past couple of years and a breakdown of support looks to be taking place this morning.

Where do people hide if this leading global indicator breaks down?


On June the 12th the Power of the Pattern reflected that the “Perfect Storm for Portfolios” could be at hand! (see post here) The above chart reflects that a breakdown in bond and stocks was possible, creating the almost perfect portfolio storm!

As I shared 8 days ago…“its not the odds of an event happening that is important, its the impact if it does!”

Mom-And-Pop Investors Are Dumping Bond Funds Like Crazy

bond fund flows

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