Storm Pattern Overview From February 9 to February 23!!! Succession of 4 east coast storms starting next Thursday!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013Pattern Overview From February 9 to February 23
By Andrew at 2:02 PM
This is a discussion of the atmospheric pattern from February 9th through February 23rd.

Weekly Prognosis:

February 9 – February 16: Threat for coastal storms remains through the week. Valentine’s Day likely to bring Nor’easter. Accumulations flirting with one foot in spots. Warm temperatures and high pressure prevails in West US until end of week.

February 16 – February 23: Persistent low pressure moves out of East US. Pacific pattern begins to turn unfavorable, Madden Julian Oscillation begins cycling through Phases 3 and 4. Cold temperatures early in week are erased by gradual warm up into end of week. Coastal storm threat remains, may be suppressed from unfavorable Pacific pattern.



The GFS is showing a Succession of east coast storms starting next Thursday

That shows 4 more storms to impact the NE in the next 10 days..
Thats alot…


The Weather Channel‏@weatherchannel

I-29 is now closed from Watertown, SD to the North Dakota state line, also due to Winter Storm #Orko.‏@breakingweather

A 150-mile stretch of I-90 remains closed through central South Dakota due to blizzard.


New Blizzard Roards into Plains/Midwest

Posted by: Shaun Tanner, 04:46 PM GMT em 10 de Fevereiro de 2013
As the Northeast is digging out from the record-setting snow storm, yet another blizzard is making its way through the middle of the country. We have set up a Winter storm page you can use to track the progress of this storm.

The Weather Channel‏@weatherchannel

Heavy snow & heavy sleet in the Twin Cities… severe storms in Louisiana… check the driving difficulty index:




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  • billwallace222

    the ads on this site caused me to not even read the article.

  • Bonnie


    How does tptb know this? It’s Sunday, so, how do they know this?

    It’s a non-event, and tptb are just giving you, Joe Schmo the idea… that YOU ALL can Collectively, manifest it for them!
    Those clouds – weather patterns are right now, swirling in the ether, a nothing, so, that when you all think: “God! We’re going to have a big, forking storm, 3-4 storrm by Thurdsay! And start preparing for it, waiting for it, the weather pattern will start solidifying. Adn manifesting.
    It’s it’s the ole “Double Slit /; Observer Effect.”
    It’s Quantum Physics!

  • 2013is 2012

    Feb 16th …ASTEROID to “fly” closest ever to Earth……..yah! somebody end this misery.

    • Bruce Richer

      Yah! is short for Yahweh!

  • trae

    news blip: HAARP has scheduled 4 storms for the NE to show the power of their ability to control weather and perfect their technique for future havoc and to reduce the food supply. Have a nice day.

  • imscared

    the fear machine in high gear 24×7.