Strong Earthquake – Russia, destroyed more than 500 houses in the village of Bachatsky

The US Geological Service says it registered a strong 5.3-magnitude earthquake. Russia’s Emergencies Situations Ministry estimated the earthquake to be magnitude 4.3.

The quake destroyed more than 500 houses in the village of Bachatsky, home to 16,000 people, when it struck at around 3 a.m. Moscow time at a depth of 9.8 kilometers. “The nature of the tremors is being clarified, the epicenter is yet unknown,” a local emergencies spokesman said.

More moderate or strong quakes today, from Greece to Fiji

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MOSCOW, June 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russian investigators have launched a probe into multiple explosions that rocked an ammunition depot in central Russia this week, reportedly killing at least one person.

The fire at the ammunition testing site near the city of Chapaevsk, in Russia’s Samara Region, broke out late Tuesday, followed by a series of explosions that ripped through the area, sending shrapnel flying over a distance of up to a kilometer from the site.


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