STUDENT GRANTS & LOANS: Obama has made it much HARDER to get them, did you know that?

Do you realize how much harder it is to get and obtain federal student aid and loans under Barack H. Obama?

His administration has instituted new policies (that have received ZERO attention or press) that now severely hinder anyone’s hopes of either getting loans or staying in school.

How do I know? Because I’m dealing with this horseshit as we speak.

1) New rules require students to transfer ALL credits from prior institutions where loans were used, even if this happened 20 years ago. This takes an inordinate amount of time and my school did nothing to inform me of this requirement until the last minute.

2) A new regulation called the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAPP) requires three new stipulations to obtain loans:

a) You must not have been in school for a long period of time. If you’ve been going for six or seven years and you haven’t gotten a degree yet, you are finished.

b) You must maintain a 2.0 GPA.


c) You must first report all “withdrawals” or “Ws” you have acquired, even if you got them in 1955. You must then obtain documentation proving a “good reason” as to why you dropped those classes.

Yes, I have heard people are having to prove why they dropped classes in the 1970s and they are having to get documentation for it.

This is RETROACTIVE. So you are now being punished for something that was previously perfectly normal and ok.

I now must file a formal petition and HOPE a panel of bureaucrats allows me to continue receive loans, because I dropped four classes in 2008 due to getting a full-time job that interfered with attendance.

This will effect TENS of thousands of people, if not HUNDREDS of thousands. It already is at my school — one of the counselors there has a sky-high pile of petitions and she says tons of people are being effected.

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Why? Because most people have “Ws” on their record, and just a few can set you below the required “pace” (different at various schools, but 66% at mine). “Pace” is the total number of classes completed divided by the withdrawals. This will particularly effect new students, freshmen and sophomores.

3) If you have more than 19,000 in student loan debt, you must now file a petition to obtain more.

(Honestly, there are even more new regulations, of which I don’t know the full details).

This pisses me off for a couple of reasons.

First, this is OUR fucking money. WE paid for those classes, and if we dropped them, we should be grandfathered into the new regulation, instead, it’s retroactive and we’re being punished.

Second, Congress is CRACKING down on these student loans.

They are also considering legislation that would allow them to GARNISH WAGES of those who have defaulted on loans.

Interesting, isn’t, that there is accountability for the little guy, but not for Congress? Not for the banks? Not for the corporations?

They get the bailouts, while the little guy gets the crack-down.

We ought to line up every one of those maggots in Congress, line ’em and execute them in the public square.

This is the beginning of “austerity”, folks. It’s gonna get a lot worse.

Your loverboy socialist Obama is NOT looking out for you and is NOT making it easier to go to school. FAR FROM IT.


 Meanwhile In England…

Greater numbers of students in England are turning to prostitution to fund their education, the National Union of Students (NUS) claims.

The NUS also says students are turning to gambling and taking part in medical experiments to fund their studies.

It says increased living costs and fees, and cuts to the education maintenance allowance, play a part.

– Super Bowl Dave


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