“FREE TUITION as Reparations?” Tucker Tries His Best With Liberal College Student

“We demand reparations for the systemic denial of access to high quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all black people (including undocumented, currently and formerly incarcerated people to Western Kentucky University),” the resolution reads, according to the Daily News.

The student government at Western Kentucky University on Tuesday voted in favor of giving free tuition to black students.

The school’s Student Government Associationpassed a resolution by 19-10 supporting slavery reparations for black students in the form of free tuition and free access to the public Bowling Green campus.



In addition, the resolution asks that a special task force be created to look into test-optional admissions and admissions weighting based on geographical location, which in theory would make it easier for black students to apply and be accepted to WKU.


“If you really care about diversity, if you really care about inclusion, if you really care about making this campus safe and accessible to everybody, having the student government’s support of reparation for black students would be amazing,” Ambam said.

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Carter Gross, a student at the university, openly wondered whether the SGA will consider giving free tuition to Native American students for being forced from their lands, or giving free tuition to Asian Americans for racism expressed toward them. He questioned whether “this is just virtue signaling at the expense of other students to make the SGA feel good about themselves.”


As John Hawkins has pointed out, “Even in the South, depending on which numbers you believe, somewhere between 80-95% of white Americans never owned slaves.

There were also several thousand black Americans who owned slaves … why would a white northerner from a state that didn’t have slaves owe “reparations” for slavery?

For example, what wrong would a Republican abolitionist – who hated slavery, voted for Abe Lincoln, and fought in the Civil War – have done that would require “reparations?”




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