STUDY: NO global warming for 19 years… IT BEGINS: Snow Blankets Alaska, Wyoming

The Guardian in 2009 predicted five years of rapid warming:

The world faces record-breaking temperatures as the sun’s activity increases, leading the planet to heat up significantly faster than scientists had predicted for the next five years, according to a study.

The hottest year on record was 1998, and the relatively cool years since have led to some global warming sceptics claiming that temperatures have levelled off or started to decline. But new research firmly rejects that argument.

The research, to be published in Geophysical Research Letters, was carried out by Judith Lean, of the US Naval Research Laboratory, and David Rind, of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

Fail. Five more years of no warming followed.

Professsor Ross McKitrick says in a new paper that the warming pause has now lasted an astonishing 19 years at the surface and 16-26 years in the lower troposphere:



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Snow fell on the Labor Day weekend in parts of northern Alaska and Wyoming, providing a gentle reminder that summer is on its last legs.

Snow levels lowered to 9,000 feet in northwest Wyoming.

A dusting of snow was captured on Wyoming DOT cams Sunday morning northwest of Dubois, Wyoming along U.S. 26 and 287 at an elevation of 9,500 feet and coated the top of Grand Targhee Resort Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service office in Riverton, Wyoming.

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  • Dan Pangburn

    The physics of thermalization explain why CO2 change has no significant effect on average
    global temperature.

    The cause of climate change (both warming and cooling) has been discovered.

    A simple equation with two independent variables (natural drivers) has been
    identified that explains measured average global temperatures since before 1900
    with R^2 greater than 0.9 (95% correlation) and credible values back to 1610.
    Global Warming ended before 2001. The current trend is down.

    Search AGWunveiled for the method, equation, data sources, history (hind cast to 1610)
    and predictions (to 2037).