STUDY: Smoking doesn’t relieve stress — quitting does

  • Researchers found ex-smokers were less anxious
  • One in five say they need cigarettes to relieve stress
  • Researchers say smokers deserve to know relaxing benefits of nicotine are a myth


It is yet another reason to keep that  New Year’s resolution about giving up smoking.

Contrary to popular perception, smoking does not relieve stress. But quitting does.

British researchers measured anxiety levels in almost 500 smokers – before and after they tried to give up.

Less stress: The study found that smokers who quit were less anxious than before

One in five said they smoked to help them deal with stress. Nationally, the figure is as high as one in two.

All took part in an NHS smoking cessation programme, which involved being given nicotine patches and attending two-monthly appointments.

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