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Mission Statement:
Investment Watch Blog is dedicated to providing alternative news covering finance, economy, politics, world news, current events and more. Here, at IWB we believe that all persons, regardless of their backgrounds
have the right to understand and be informed of current events and truths that are hidden from the public by major news stations and by the government.

The mainstream media is great at pointing readers in the direction they want them to go, reporting what they want people to focus on and downplaying, hiding, and burying the information they don’t want you to know. MSM have disctracted people from major events which have huge impacts on their life. To prevent further chaos and lies promoted by MSM, the financial crisis caused by Fed policies and wallstreet greed, and to expose the corruption/proganda from the government, it is of importance that people stay informed by showing an interest in politics and economics. IWB tries to do exactly that. IWB is the place for people who are pro-capitalism, pro-business, pro-market, and a truth seeker. The truth is out there, but we have to wake up and do something about it!

How can IWB impact millions of lives and protect them from financial ruin?

In almost every recession, average Americans got buried and rich gets spared. Why?

It’s because the wall street elites exited the market first and have the average American holding their bags as mainstream media continues cheering on stock and housing market.

They knew the recession was coming and when exactly it happened because they were the ones to have caused it and threatened a systemic collapse if they were not bailed out. These banks look familiar, some of the same crowd that plunged planet into global recession a few years back.

The goal of IWB, therefore, is to report the facts they have kept hidden from the public, the statistics and data that were meant to mislead us, and in-depth analysis of federal policies so that we can show you the root of the problems at hand.

What are the future goals for the company?

Our key aims are:

To provide analysis uninhibited by political constraint

To offer political and economic opinions from reputable bloggers & journalists

To point out stories ignored by main stream media, and alternative viewpoints

To promote people’s interest in economics and politics

To reveal political scandals

To anaysis new bills/laws

To uncover false flags, hoaxes or PSYOPs, propaganda, and disinformation

To empower people with necessary knowledge

And spreading the truth for those willing to listen

To protect next presidential/congressional election from elite/main stream media proproganda

To alert investors for looming recession and stock market crash

To Utilize the same publicly available government and private input data… to find an alternate and unvarnished reality.

To conduct own business owners/consumers surveys to replace some misleading data from gov’t