Subway Conductor Stops Rush Hour Train To Save Little Girl’s Stuffed Bunny On Tracks

BOSTON (CBS) – MBTA workers sprung into action on Wednesday to rescue a little girl’s close friend, who had fallen onto the tracks.

Casey and Michelle Carey-Brown’s 3-year-old daughter Roozle said her beloved stuffed animal bunny, Nummy, was nervous about riding the T.

While on their journey Wednesday, the four all rode one stop on the Orange Line from Stony Brook to Green Street. While getting off thetrain, Nummy’s worst fears were realized when the bunny fell out of Roozle’s stroller and onto the tracks between the platform and train.

Roozle immediately screamed for her friend.

“My friend! Nummy! She fell on the tracks and now a train is going to run her over! She will be squished by the train! On the tracks! I NEED MY FRIEND!!!” said Roozle.

Casey rushed to find an MBTA worker for help while her wife Michelle waited with an anxious Roozle.

The worker then radioed ahead to the conductor of the next train.

Listen to the call: