Subway Contractor Destroys Ancient Tombs—Workers have destroyed over 12 historically significant tombs ( 2,200-3,000 yrs old) on China’s Da Gong Mountain. “Yesterday we were still conducting archaeological excavations, but all 5 tombs were gone this morning.”

Work on Guangzhou Metro Line 6 destroys five ancient tombs

Guangzhou Metro is facing a public outcry after contractors destroyed a group of ancient imperial tombs in the Menggang district during construction of Line 6 of its subway system.

The tombs, ranging from 2,200 to more than 3,000 years old and still being studied by archaeologists, were wrecked by excavators on Friday night.

The protected site, on the eastern slope of Da Gong mountain, had been sealed off by the Guangzhou Archaeology Research Centre, with warning signs posted and red lines marking the protected area.

It was fine when archaeologists left on Friday but had been torn up by the time they returned on Saturday.

“Yesterday we were still conducting archaeological excavations, but all five tombs were gone this morning,” said an archaeologist quoted by Southern Metropolis Daily yesterday.

2,000 year old tombs destroyed during Guangzhou metro expansion

Construction of a subway line in Guangzhou sparked outrage on Saturday after archaeologists found that the work has destroyed five ancient tombs, China Daily reports.

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Workers for the Guangzhou Metro destroyed the historical site last Friday night. The area, near Da Gong mountain, had been marked with warning signs and red lines by archaeologists working at the site.

In China, Five Ancient Tombs Bulldozed for Metro Line

Before archaeologists got a chance to finish their excavations, five tombs dating back to the Shang dynasty were bulldozed into rubble overnight on June 14, to make way for a new railway route on the Chinese metro line 6 in Guangzhou city.

When Tian Maosheng, an archaeologist at the site, arrived in the morning to look at a piece of coarse pottery from the late Shang dynasty (1600 BC–1046 BC), he found the site in ruins and the piece gone. It was bulldozed into nearby mounds of yellow dirt, according to the News Express Daily.

The tombs, one of the relics unharmed by Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution, date from the late Shang period and into the Spring and Autumn period, a span of around 1,000 years. That timeline would make them over 3,000 years old.



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