Subway sales down 25% in past 5 years, now facing a franchisee revolt

It would appear that Subway’s ownership has run a once thriving business model (healthy fast food) into the shitter.

After years of selling-out, lowering standards, and cutting ingredient quality the pain has finally revealed itself. Subway is down 1/4 in the past 5 years!

I know I haven’t eaten at Subway for years. It sucks! Basically, they are trying to bring back 5 dollar foot longs to get you into the store, but, the owners of those stores are tired of razor thin profits based upon an out-dated system.

“The struggling sandwich chain has seen customer traffic plummet a whopping 25 percent over the past five years amid fierce price competition and a slew of scandals that have battered its image, The Post has learned.

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In a Nov. 30 memo to franchisees that revealed the stomach-churning drop, Subway’s owners promised $25 million to boost marketing this spring for the company’s 44,000 locations and to bring back a limited-time, $4.99 footlong sandwich promotion.

Subway is concerned that consumers no longer see its sandwiches as a bargain…”

Subway Closed Restaurants for the First Time Ever in 2016


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