Sunken Metropolis in the middle of a 200 meter deep CHINESE LAKE?…

Qiandao Lake (???, lake of a thousand islands) is a man-made lake located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang, China, formed since the completion of the Xinanjiang hydroelectric station. There are 1,078 large islands in the lake and a few thousand smaller ones. It covers an area of 573 km² and has a storage capacity of 17.8 km³. The total area of the islands in the lake is about 86 km².

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At the foot of the Wu Shi mountain (Five Lion Mountain) lays an ancient city known as Shi Cheng (Lions City), built in Dong Han period (25 – 200), first was setup as county in 208, it was named “Lion City” because of the Five Lion Mountain that sits just behind the city.

Flooded in September 1959 for the Xin Anjiang Dam project, the city remains undisturbed from the surface at a depth of 26-40m,

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