Surviving Survivalism – Live the Life! (100% Free eBook Download)

Mac Slavo
April 6th, 2013


Our friends Dan and Sheila at Surviving Survivalism have made their wildly popular book available for free as an electronic download to anyone who’s interested in learning more about what it takes to really live the prepper and survivalist lifestyle. Like many of us, they lived the suburban life, plugged directly into the system. They eventually unplugged, relocated to rural America and became self sufficient. They’ve built their own home with their bare hands. They produce their own food. They do not rely on the system as we know it to survive – at all. And, they have always been happy to share their knowledge with those looking to get off the grid.

In addition to extensive information and suggestions covering topics that include developing your land, security, food production, alternative power and everything else you might need to know about living a self reliant lifestyle, Dan and Sheila take extra care to explain the reality of going off-grid.

Do you really want to disconnect from the system as we know it? To not have to depend on your local grocer for food, your power company for electricity, or your local coffee brew house for your daily cup of Joe?

Then here’s some advice from the book:

“Like being at the poker table, to win you must either be all in, or don’t bother playing.”

To get away from our existing paradigm and dependency, we must change our mindset. Dan and Sheila explain what that means, and then they teach you how to do it.

The following excerpt is republished with permission from Surviving Survivalism: How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock and is available as a free download directly from their web site.

Many people excuse themselves from self reliance/ survivalism by saying, “I don’t want to live my life in fear,” assuming that we are here in our retreat because we fear the outside world. What they don’t understand is that they are the ones living in fear day in and day out, but in living with it every day, it’s hard to notice.

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Answer this honestly – why do you buckle your seat belt? Is it because you are going to have an accident today and you think it will prevent you from injury? Does it protect you any better than an air bag does? There are times when a seat belt is a detriment to the accident victim. If you are honest, you buckle your seat belt because that is the price you pay to drive on the highways, even city streets, even rural roads, without being stopped and harassed by the local or state police and given an expensive ticket. You fear the consequences of not buckling your seat belt in order to drive or be a passenger on the public roads.

Why do you not make a joke in the airport? Is it because you have no sense of humor? Or is it because you are afraid that someone will be listening and call the “See something/Say something” hotline?

We’ve been taught to fear the authorities starting with school days when we were afraid not to finish our homework.

So who is it who lives in fear? When you truly disconnect from society, that’s when you have lost the fear. When you know that you can depend on yourself, no matter what happens, that’s when you have lost the fear. 

With the very delicate state of the world – geo-politics, economic collapse, strange weather, threat of war on a global scale set to break out at any moment – the real issue is not selling you on why to do this. The real issue is, will you be one of the rare ones who see the storm coming and prepares or one of those who gets it at the very last minute and sees the need to prepare too late.

Suffice it to say that no one can or should talk you in to this life style. You are the only one who can do that. But if your reading includes books like this one, then it should be safe to say that you do understand the need to prepare and are looking for ways to accomplish that.

Get your free copy of this book – no strings attached.

Whether you are new to preparedness, or a seasoned pro, it’s well worth your time to put this one in your library.

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