The roots of the “hacker’s” point are not hard to ascertain. Of the fifteen men currently on the list, fourteen are immigrants or children of immigrants.

At least eight of those immigrant criminals — more than half — are Muslims. An additional two are from Montenegro, a country with a significant Muslim population, suggesting that up to two thirds of Sweden’s most wanted could be Muslim migrants.

Swedish Government To Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin Of Criminal Suspects

Sweden has proposed banning the public use of legal document search engine Lexbase, which is used to identify the ethnic origins of Swedish criminal suspects.

According to the Swedish government, the data released by the website is too sensitive for the public and should be limited only to professionals like lawyers, journalists, and researchers. Previously, the website was protected under the Swedish Freedom of Expression Act, but the new legislation could limit what data they are allowed to release, Dagens Industri reports.


Relevant post about recent accurate statistics of rape in Sweden, and who the rapists are:

  • 84% of rapes by people of non-european descent
  • of which 2/3 asylym seekers or persons with residence permit
  • 96% of assault rapes by people of non-european descend
  • 90% of group rapes by people of non-european descend
  • 85% of group rapes against MEN by Afghans

Link to the study (in Swedish): https://pjjonasson.wordpress.com/2017/10/23/ny-undersokning-om-utlanningar-och-sexualbrott/

As the Swedish state does not publish such statistics the study was conducted by acquiring thousands of Swedish court decisions on rape cases on paper (which are public documents) and recording them. Source data available here (1.94 GB): https://minfil.org/09Y9Kdccb5/Sexualbrottsdomar2012_2017.7z

Note: The data is not the leaked prison system data but has been meticulously compiled from thousands upon thousands of public court records acquired in paper.


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