Sweden to close 70 police stations due to rising threat of islam!

Fewer police stations? What could possibly go wrong.



via google translate:

The new, exciting Sweden – A total of 70 Swedish police stations go this summer close as a result of lack of finance. Despite record high taxes, one is not in police stations to keep it open.

Many of the Swedish police to be this summer closed. The reason for this is the lack of financial resources.

The hardest-hit region, Bergslagen, where most of the stations, 27 of the total 40 will be forced to close.

According to police chief Carina Herzberg is missing is simply the financial resources to the police force on the leg to keep. Therefore, one has considered that the closing of police stations, the best solution is, instead of reducing the number of patrolling police officers.

Never before has the police so hard hit.