Syria: America’s Newest War of Aggression w/ Greg Felton

Greg was born and raised in and around Vancouver B.C., and has been a journalist since 1993. Greg has won several awards for investigative reporting and column writing, and now specializes in Middle East politics, Canadian politics, anti-Arab/anti-Muslim media propaganda, and language.

Greg has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian Studies and a Master’s degree in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. For seven years he wrote a political column for the bi-weekly Arabic/English Canadian Arab News, and is published in the Middle East Times, Tehran Times and other publications.

In this interview:

Who was responsible for the chemical weapons attack?
The imminent U.S. attack on Syria
Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s support of the rebels
How America’s newest war of aggression affects China and Russia
The media and war and why American’s aren’t buying it this time

There is some audio distortion coming from Greg Felton’s mic during the first 5 minutes. The audio corrects around 5mins and is fine for the rest of the show.



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