Syria is the Domino That Could Spark World War III and More

Article Continues Below… – The President has said military action in Syria is a “shot across the bow.” Firing a couple hundred missiles into a country is not a “shot across the bow.” It is an act of war, just like firing missiles into New York City or firing missiles into a U.S. military base would be an act of war. I have been telling you about the Syria story for the better part of a year. Gerald Celente warned at the beginning of the year when countries get into financial trouble, they often turn to war. People like Jim Rogers and Greg Mannarino of say war is coming, and gold, silver and oil will go much higher in price. If this conflict turns nuclear, and it could, that will be the least of our problems. Even so, it looks like the President and his “Red Line” talk on the use of chemical weapons by Syria has painted him into a very tight corner. By the way, the Russians and Syrians say the rebels used chemical weapons, not the Syrian government. If President Obama bombs, he looks like a cowboy and a loner. If he holds back, he looks weak. This is the ultimate lose-lose choice.


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