Syria – Oil – Petro Dollar – Debt Ceiling freeze – Bullet Purchase – Dollar Collapse – Global Currency – NWO – All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

Does it make sense now what they are doing?

The Bankers of the world are fixing to throw away the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency, and kill millions of useless eaters in the process, because they are Gods!

Japan is collapsing
India is collapsing
all of Europe is in the soup also.

Follow the money.

Remember that all wars are bankers wars, and then realize this, they’ve been preparing to collapse the U.S. Currency.

Most think they are fighting to protect it, and this was true at one point in time, but now they have decided it is time to pull it. They knew they would have to do something sooner or later, and time is no longer on their side, so, they are going for it.

The bankers are going to trade the U.S. dollar and all it’s limitations on them, for a global dollar with unlimited printing ability, and total control over everyone.

Send weapons through Egypt, Turkey, and through Benghazi to Syrian Rebels. Cause a false flag even with chemical weapons. The whole world cries out for retaliation (didn’t happen), then we launch an attack. Russia plays whatever part they’re supposed to. The entire middle east goes up in flames. The petro dollar is taken out, while we were trying to be heroes and stop the gassing of the innocent. Meanwhile millions upon millions die in the middle east. The economy that has been propped up here in the U.S. collapses, and they get to blame it on the Russians, or the Chinese, or perhaps a cyber attack retaliation, whatever the trigger the result is the same. Why do you think we backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Why do you think they are all over the White House?

Why would the death of billions of people bother those in control and power?

Drones over our heads
armored vehicles
the removal of the constitution.
all our congress out to lunch
hollow point bullets
NSA spying and tracking
DHS preparing.
All government offices being armed
underground facilities
The guns are pointed inwards, not outwards.

Then they get to launch their global currency to save the world. If you protest, do not take a chip, or do not want to be a useful slave in their society, you will disappear, be liquidated.

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars

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The Sh*t is About to Hit the Fan, all because of the Petro dollar people! (video)
This is from a few months ago. It’s almost spot-on.
Dollar destruction.Money



America has become everything it fought against, and now we are a nation of invasion
We have become everything we set out to destroy.We use to fight fascism, we are now fascists.

We use to fight against communism, we are over run by communists

We use to fight against unfair taxation, we are now unfairly taxed

We use to fight for a republic, We are now a make believe democracy at best, but secretly just ruled by bankers.

We use to fight for freedom, now we fight for state control, and for banking control, and oppression.

We use to fight against countries that invaded other nations, now we have become that nation.

We use to fight against slavery, but now we are all slaves

We use to fight for a free press, and now our press is owned, does no investigative work, and repeats state run propaganda.

We use to fight nations that spread propaganda, or state lies, now we have legalized state propaganda, and lies.

We use to fight against Governments who spied upon their people, now we openly spy on the entire world

We use to fight for so many things that we were taught to believe in.

Now it seems that we are nothing we use to be, we have become everything we set out to destroy, our nation is bankrupt morally, medically, spiritually, and we are now laughed at around the world.


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