SYRIA WAR- U.S. and Russia BUTTING HEADS – Another War Is Coming And We The People Will Be Blamed By The World For Our Governments Stupid Decisions Once Again

UNAVOIDABLE because of insane world leaders. Another war is coming and we the people will be blamed by the world for our governments stupid decisions once again.

RON PAUL — His opinoin on Syria— Video

Its from June 14


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  • Pravda01

    …you the people will pay higher gas prices and will suffer from higher debts/deficits.

  • anonymous

    stop paying taxes and get off the grid. That is the fight everyone should do

  • Mark Page

    “Another War Is Coming”

    Gee, d’ya really think? Name one single year when there wasn’t one war or another being fought to ‘defend democracy and freedom’?

  • Arizona

    WAR is coming to america ,RED DAWN JULY 4th,obama is guilty of TREASON and everyone in his government knows their caught,the foreign troops are pouring into military bases all over america and the road crews are clearing 300ft, on each side of rural highways so troop transports can land,GET READY,your out of time,if you don’t know the lord,you will soon,hes the only one who can save you………………………..