Syria Warns Will Defend Itself Using “All Available Means”, Coordinating With Iran, Russia Ties Strong; Opposition Figure: Major Decisions on Syria Expected Within Hours

Apparently Syria refuses to just roll over and play dead:

BREAKING: Syria says will defend itself using ‘all available means’ in case of US strike.

— The Associated Press (@AP) August 27, 2013


  • Syrian foreign minister says U.S., Israel don’t want political solution.
  • Muallem says ties with Russia strong
  • Muallem says coordinating with Iran on various issues
  • Muallem says U.S. may be carrying out psychological warfare
  • Muallem says Syria to defend itself, won’t surrender
  • Muallem denies Assad threatened to ignite gulf oil fields
  • Muallem says Syria is comfortable with progress in Russian ties
  • Muallem says told Kerry alleged chemical attack is fabricated

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Opposition figure: major decisions on Syria expected within hours

Al Arabiya

A Syrian opposition diplomat told Al Arabiya on Monday that the “coming hours” will mark a crucial phase in the Syrian conflict and will be filled with developments “the region and the world have not witnessed in years.”

“Wait until tomorrow [Tuesday] and you will hear a very important speech, while in the following three to four days will be filled with developments that the region and the world have not witnessed in years,” said Monzer Makhous, the Syrian National Coalition’s (SNC) ambassador to Paris.

Makhous said the “very important” speech will not come from the Syrian opposition but from “Friends of Syria” countries which he said are “about to execute their humanitarian, moral, and political duties towards Syria.”


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