Syrian man with three wives got three homes – elderly Swede referred to the street… expect more of the same – or worse.

Nacka municipality in Sweden bought three expensive apartments for the Syrian immigrant Ahmad Suliman, his three wives and 16 children. The same municipality has referred an elderly, ill Swedish man to sleep on the street.

After the Swedish Democrats published the news about the Syrian, his three wives and their three apartments, the case has gained unusually widespread attention. People have reacted with shock and disbelief at the contrast between how a Swedish municipality treats an immigrant polygamist, compared to how it treats its own elderly and ill.

Secretly, Nacka Municipality bought the three apartments for the Syrians for a total of SEK 13,950,000 ($1,75 million). Rumors went on this long before the Swedish Democrats locally found the evidence, which Nacka Municipality eventually admitted to…


Nearly 2 million to house one muslim and his family, that’s without all the benefits, health care, schooling etc. Imagine what life would be without this intolerable financial burden on local people.

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Also from Sweden:

Sweden’s First Muslim Sharia Party Hopes to Make Way Into Parliament

So expect more of the same – or worse.


Reading about the recent tube train bombers, they’re grown men, who are still fostered as children. I read that when they leave foster care they go straight to the top of the housing list. The named one, 21 year old Yahyah something, came to the UK in the back of a lorry from Calais, so he wasn’t even a legal immigrant. He was offered to stay in Egypt but refused, preferring the UK. I wonder why.

It’s just bloody outrageous.



And there’s more:

Anti-Muslim’ terror laws should be scrapped, says top lawyer

There’s no doubt in my mind we’re being systematically, intentionally, destroyed.





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