Syria’s President Assad mobbed by supporters after speech. Fleet of 16 Russian warships en route to Syria to head off a Western attack.

Hundreds of supporters swarmed around Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, after he made a speech denouncing the opposition as “puppets of the West”.

Fleet of Russian warships reportedly en route to Syria to head off a Western attack.

Fleet of Russian warships reportedly en route to Syria to head off a Western attack.(TOI).flotilla of five Russian warships laden with hundreds of troops, which is headed toward Syria, is a show of force meant to deter Western armies from intervening in the war-torn nation, the London-based Sunday Times reported.

The world still blinks every time that Bashar Al Assad speaks, as if it has not learnt anything from 21 months of violence.

In his speech yesterday – his ninth since the uprising began – the dictator offered a plan that would include a lengthy, complicated process of gradual change and “truth and reconciliation”. That would, in theory, lead to a new coalition government and a new constitution.

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Bolstered by 16 Russian warships, Assad nixes dialogue with “Western puppets”

With a buildup of 16 Russian warships carrying thousands of marines on the Syrian coast “to deter the West from deploying ground forces in Syria,” Syrian Bashar Assad could afford to brazen it out in his first public speech in seven months. Speaking at the Damascus opera house, Sunday, Jan. 6, Assad said Syria no longer takes dictation from anyone and called on Syrian citizens to defend the country against “a war fought by only a handful of Syrians and many foreigners.”

He rejected dialogue with the opposition which he referred to as “puppets fabricated by the West.”

Syrian President Assad calls for ‘full national mobilization’ to fight rebels he calls al-Qaida terrorists


assad called for full mobilistion of the nation.

His speech in English


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