Systemic Economic Collapse: A Brief History of Market Manipulation

How the Markets Are Manipulated 
by James Corbett
March 6, 2013

In the age of quantitative easing and overt government intervention in the economy, it’s impossible to trust any of the economic statistics that we are being shown as indicators of the supposed health of our economy. Whether it is GDP numbers, manufacturing data, inflation statistics or housing figures, all of the macroeconomic data that drives the financial news agenda are manipulated to suit the propagandistic purposes of the government and the central bankers.

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A striking case in point presented itself late last year when Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve announced they were tying the latest round of quantitative easing not to a set period of time or set amount of funds, but to an unemployment rate target. The move puzzled many analysts at the time, as the unemployment rate has never been within the mandate of the Federal Reserve. In fact, the privately owned central bank doesn’t even possess a direct mechanism for influencing the number.


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