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Donald Trump will have a 1 hour presidential parade instead on 6 hours; host 3 presidential balls instead of 10; has banned lobbyists from contributing to inauguration events; and will start overturning Obama’s executive orders before he leaves capital for the white house.

https://sli.mg/kTYPDF Previously, that ball had just enlisted members of the U.S. military in attendance. Trump is going to expand that ball to include first responders like police, firefighters and EMTs—and will also allow in...


The top 10 most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016

by: Mike Adams (NaturalNews) Science hoaxes were running rampant throughout 2016, pushed by the fakestream media (CNN, WashPost, NYT, etc.) alongside complicit government organizations working in collusion with dishonest corporations steeped in scientific fraud...