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1986 article on Military Spending Scam: $37 screws, a $7,622 coffee maker, $640 toilet seats… (This atrocity still goes on in 2017. (This is what they spend our tax dollars on. Wealth redistribution from Middle to upper class.)

Other items offered in the catalogue include: a $285 screwdriver, a $7,622 coffee maker, a $387 flat washer, a $469 wrench, a $214 flashlight, a $437 tape measure, a $2,228 monkey wrench, a $748...


Audit: University of California hid $175M in budget reserves from state and 10 executives analyzed had combined salaries of $3.7 million, or $700,000 more than those of their highest-paid counterparts statewide, after adjusting for cost of living.

USATODAY reports: The administration of the University of California (UC) system hid $175 million in budget reserve funds from state officials, a new review found, prompting the state’s auditor to call for “significant change” at...