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Its Happening: America has seriously freaked out. Search Term: “Sell Stocks” breaks new highs above 2008!… “Imminent” 2018 US stock market crash of up to “50%”

h/t @StockBoardAsset   Interest rates are rising on bad economic news not good. Q1 GDP growth forecasts have been dropping fast, while inflation is rising and the dollar is falling. Stock market bulls are delusional....


Global Cooling To Persist For 50 More Years

via Adapt 2030 New article out from the Weather Channel states that our Earth will undergo a 50 year cool cycle caused by our Sun, and shockingly IPCC scientists are just now understanding the effects...


Medical Device Firm Boosts Quarterly Revenue 50% YOY

Source: Streetwise Reports   01/31/2018 A Maxim Group report noted the recently announced revenue achieved and anticipated by this producer of cancer treatment devices. In a Jan 24 research report, Jason Kolbert, a Maxim Group analyst, indicated...