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Trump’s financial 9/11

From Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor, International Man: Ron Paul told me this would happen… Dr. Paul first laid out his theory in 2006, in a little-known speech, during an otherwise dull session of Congress. I...


Iowa Governor Seeks Review of Officials Who Worked for Saudis. Officials made $101,500 working for Saudi Arabia against a federal law that cleared the way for 9/11 victims to sue the kingdom for its alleged support of the September 11 plot.

Iowa governor Kim Reynolds yesterday announced that her office has asked the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board to review the case of two current state officials who did political work for Saudi Arabia...


Here’s How Much of Your Taxes Have Gone To Pay For Wars Since 9/11

The US Department of Defense has just published a report titled: “Estimated Cost to Each U.S. Taxpayer of Each of the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria”. DOD ‘estimates’ just $1.5 trillion has been spent on America’s endless wars since the World Trade Centers fell–16 years ago. Diving into the two...