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Maxine Waters Reveals Proof Trump is Russian Agent

Congresswoman Maxine Waters reveals her findings after six months of investigations into Trump and the Russians that will finally bring impeachment charges and end Donald Trump’s presidency once and for all. Media analyst Mark...


FIRE COMEY: The FBI refused to pay former MI6 agent $50K because he couldn’t verify his bogus pissgate dossier, but then they still used it as “evidence” for the FISA surveillance warrant to spy on Trump anyway

FBI refused to pay MI6 agent $50K because he couldn't verify pissgate dossier, but still used it as "evidence" for FISA surveillance warrant pic.twitter.com/9GjpKLxFBT — DEPLORABLE MEDIA (@correctthemedia) April 28, 2017 It was BS,...


Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell Says North Korea Threat Is NOW – They Have Nuclear Weapons That Can Hit The United States.

by Pamela Williams Ex-CIA Agent Mike Morell gives rare interview with CBS:   http://www.cbsnews.com/news/north-korea-nuclear-threat-what-kim-jong-un-is-trying-to-accomplish/ The Country of North Korea has nuclear weapons right now that can reach the continental United States.  Mike Morell is an Ex-CIA...