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Facebook knows who we are. Google knows what we think. Amazon knows what we buy. P0rnhub knows what we desire. Reddit knows what we believe. Anyone with access to the user data for just these 5 sites would have the majority of us categorized in seconds.

by SixVISix Just sketching on napkins…thinking out loud or whatever… Privacy fears are useless. The war is over. It’s been over since before we knew there was a war. The ominous “they” . They have...


A Monstrous Bubble—The Destroyer Called Amazon

By David Stockman As far as we can tell, Jerome Powell is worse than Janet Yellen with a tie. That’s because he is the kind of Swamp based RINO (Republican in name only) who has no clue that Keynesian central...


AMAZON gains wholesale pharmacy licenses… CVSAETNA?

Throughout the past year, and without much fanfare, Amazon.com Inc. has gained approval to become a wholesale distributor from a number of state pharmaceutical boards, according to a review of public records. It’s unclear, though, whether...