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PREPARE for CIVIL WAR: Attempted Coup Under Way

The fascist, dishonest left-wing media is now making another aggressive attempt at overthrowing the U.S. government by impeaching and indicting President Trump. If they are successful, this will likely set off a CIVIL WAR.


BREAKING: North Korea appears to have attempted to launch a missile,but it exploded immediately after liftoff!

JUST IN: North Korea attempted missile launch, but it exploded immediately after liftoff, U.S. official says. https://t.co/3AjqcqnPBw pic.twitter.com/wWUYVHTKfI — ABC News (@ABC) April 15, 2017     http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2017/04/16/0200000000AEN20170416000200315.html BREAKING: North Korea appears to have...